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The noblest chicken in our production is kept in a free coop with fresh grass. These royal conditions can remind you of the good poultry taste from the time before industrialisation.

The story of Nitria dates back to the times of historic Nitra and its surroundings, the cradle of Slovak people, where poultry was bred. We would like to bring our customers back to Nitria, to the times without industrialisation and modern machinery and enjoy the taste of meat that tastes exactly the way it would back in those times. This is a “rebirth” of our ancestors’ chicken. It is an extraordinary chicken that doesn’t have any competition in Slovakia thanks to the way and length it is bred.


Nitria is bred outside on the fresh air.

Nitria is bred in Velke Zaluzie. It is kept outside, in the nature where it can eat a fresh, juicy straws of grass, herbs or little insects. We have introduced Nitria into the market in 2013. Breeding is always seasonal: from March to April, depending on the growth of grass, until October to November, depending on when it starts to freeze. We arebe to have 200 new chickens each week. Nitria chicken weights 5kgs. Breeding is 3 months long.


Breeding is always seasonal.

Nitria meat is fibrous and its structure is incomparable to the meat of other chickens you can buy in shops. It has a pinkish colour that stays after cooking. As a result of eating grass, the colour of our chickens’ skin is yellow to yellowish brown.