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Fresh, juicy and fine chicken meat. Meat that only one kind of chicken can have – The Royal Chicken. And we aren’t the only ones to say so. Read what qualified experts say about our Royal Chicken.

Royal Chicken doesn’t know what stress is

Fresh, juicy and fine chicken meat. Meat that only one kind of chicken can have – The Royal Chicken. It has been bred in farms in HSH Veľké Zálužie in such conditions that no other industrial breeders an offer. Royal Chicken is a happy chicken.

The way to a good product starts with freedom. Breeds have become visibly less crowded, therefore chickens can get to food and water at any time. Space to move, feeding with natural feeds only – without any antibiotics, growth stimulators, or meat-bone meals are obviously good for chickens.

Chickens are like in free range breeds, fully grown with feathers. They weigh between 1.3 to 2 kg. We can serve chicken with tasty, high quality meat. This is primarily because our chickens do not know what stress is. Stress used to be caused by never ending light in halls that led to fast fattening and growth. Now, chickens get a rest at night – simply live the way they should live – in ease and not rushing to customers.

“The highest breeder’s principle is to ensure calmness for animals. It is not only ethical, the correct approach to breeding always appreciated and used by good farmers, but also the basic assumption about how to produce high quality, healthy food”. Awarded the approach of breeders of HSH Company Velke Zaluzie the rector of Slovak Agricultural University Dr. h. c. prof. Ing. Peter Bielik, PhD and added that this is the best way to remind customers about the high quality of Slovak food products.


The priority of mentioned chicken meat is cleanliness and quality of breeding

She has been dedicated to the problematics of healthy diet, lifestyle and its effect on health throughout the 40 years of her career. Since 1970, she has worked in an Experimental Institute of nutrition of our population as a development worker, later as a manager of epidemiology department where she proved the title of candidate for nutrition and metabolism related science. Since the year 2000, she runs an advice centre for help, near RUVZ in Bratislava.

The priority of mentioned chicken meat is cleanliness and quality of breeding without using any stimulators, including growth hormones.

Poultry meat is the symbol of modern, healthy and nutritionally adequate food. It is a source of high quality protein of which our body can use 96%, the highest of all types of meat. It contains a complete range of essential amino acids essential for growth and development of organism. The amino acid lysine as well as arginine and histidine are especially important for children.

In modern nutrition, the low fat (0.9-14kg/100g) and cholesterol (80mg/100g) whilst polyunsaturated fatty acids that play an important role in the prevention of heart-related diseases is looked upon pleasantly.  This is why people use poultry in preventative and medical diet system.

Meat is also a source of other important nutrients and B vitamins – including very important B12. Furthermore, it contains iron which is used as prevention and treatment of anaemia and many minerals – zinc, magnesium and trace elements – selenium, copper, chromium and iodine. All of the mentioned properties of poultry meat show that it is perfect for child nutrition as well as a part of medical treatments and low fat, including reduction, diets.


Our company has been using HSH products for years

There aren’t many chefs who cooked for the kings, presidents or dukes here in Slovakia. Marian Filo, a chef and owner of well renowned restaurant Afrodita in Čereňany enthused the Dutch Queen Beatrix, Luxemburg’s Duke Henry as well us Slovak ex-president Ivan Gašparovič with his cuisine.

Filo says it is clear. Fine cuisine is dependent on high quality meals which are dependent on high quality ingredients.

“I dare to say a well-known saying: “We are not rich enough to buy cheap products, poor in quality. Our company has been using HSH products for years as they help to create a good label for us. HSH’s Royal Chicken is a one of a kind because they are both juicy and yet so fine. The breasts that we prepare at Afrodita have an unforgettable taste and juiciness. This is why I recommend everyone to use The Royal Chicken. Once you eat it, you won’t forget its top quality taste.”