HSH, s.r.o.

Social program

We wouldn’t have achieved our goals without the people who make sure to deliver the best food every day. Satisfaction of our employees is therefore a big priority in our company.

We try to give our employees benefits that are above the standard as we believe that this can help to improve their lives in and out of work:

  • Employees have free breakfast and lunches for 1
  • We offer company houses and flats to our employees
  • Company pension scheme (depending on the amount of years worked)
  • Offering zero-interest loans
  • We pay for medical check-ups
  • Share of meat and other products monthly
  • 13th and 14th wages
  • Holidays in own recreational accommodation
  • Non-for-profit organisation “your support” social fund  for surgeries, medical needs, curative stays for lower income families
  • Benefits for school supplies at the beginning of a school year for families with children in compulsory education

The company has 500 employees, 200 of them in Veľké Zálužie. A part of our progressive employee politics is to ensure that we offer work opportunities to people with lower stage of education as well as highly qualified people.