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Our goal is to deliver a fine meal to your dining table and this is why we don’t want to only produce meat but also offer you some good advice and tips. Only in Slovak language.



A royal chickens is kept in healthy conditions and it is not fed any growth hormones or doping drugs. Would you like to know more about how we breed our chickens?

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We have been using innovative techniques in the production of high quality poultry meat since 1992. Many times we have been the first in Slovakia to introduce many new innovative techniques.

About the producer
High quality

Thanks to our unique breeding, the meat from our production is of a high quality that has been awarded by many experts as well as thousands of happy customers.


Nitria, the noblest chicken in our production, is kept in a free coop with fresh grass. These royal conditions can remind you of the good poultry taste from the time before industrialisation.


We would like to take care of our environment as it is very important for us and so we are trying to keep our breeding, production and packaging as eco-friendly as possible.