HSH, s.r.o.

About the producer

We have been trying to fulfil our mission – to deliver high quality, safe-for-health, biologically and nutritionally adequate products since 1992. This is how we actively try to take part in making Slovakia independent in the food industry.

HSH Company was found in 1992 in Veľké Zálužie. Since the start, we have specialised in production of fresh, air-cooled and deep-frozen poultry and poultry products. We process chickens, turkey, hens. We also offer venison, hare, duck and goose. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of additional products to completely satisfy your needs.

We also produce a wide range of additional products:

  • salamis
  • hams
  • cold cuts
  • sausages
  • different types of pates

At our work we use the most modern approach and technologies that fulfil all hygienic, veterinary and export criteria of not only European market. Our products have a high nutritional value, are biologically adequate and contain easy to digest proteins and minerals.



We reside in a village Veľké Zálužie near Nitra, where we breed and also process poultry. Thanks to for the photo from the birds’ view.

Today, HSH, s.r.o., Veľké Zálužie is one of the most dynamic poultry process companies. We believe that our happy customers and business partners are the guarantee and a proof of our quality.