HSH, s.r.o.


In order to be able to call our chicken “Royal”, it must be bred accordingly. Welfare means that our chickens can live a luxurious life without any stress, with enough food, without artificial, fast growth.

The main goal of welfare breeding is to improve the living conditions in fattening by having less crowded areas, stricter controls, extending the fattening period as well as other requirements.

Specific requirements of welfare breeding are:

  • animals have to be brought into the breeding area once in 24 hours
  • breeding area must be checked twice a day and these check-ups are recorded
  • the floor area can be loaded to the maximum of 30kgs/m2, with deep bedding
  • deep bedding has to be at least 10 cm tall at the beginning of batch
  • there must be enough feeding and water supply devices to feed at least 70% of the animals at the same time, having the animals fed throughout the whole day
  • the length of fattening cannot be less than 40 days
  • in both winter and summer, the temperature in the hall must be kept ideal



Our chickens have enough space and access to food and water throughout the day.

We guarantee that our chickens have been bred in Slovakia, without any growth hormones or antibiotics.